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The conversations we have shape our world

The Earth Index provides us a means to engage in a conversation of Investment. It provides us to engage with a common purpose of ensuring the liveability of our planet, and helps to draw us away from short-sighted purpose of exploiting our planet at the cost of the liveability of our Earth.

By reporting the Investments countries make to liveability of our planet, we offer conversations to find directions for better interactions with each other, other species, with our ecosystems, and with organizations and systems of our design.

The ability to recognize our Investments to the liveability of our planet is a proactive way to manage risk. It supports our ESG (Environment, Sustainability, and Governance) frameworks to include the liveability of our planet and a sustainable means to impact investing. By encouraging countries to contribute to the liveability of our planet, we also protect the return on our investments by ensuring both: human well-being and economic well-being.

There is, therefore, a need to report the good we do for the liveability of the planet. There is a need to reinforce the good. The Earth Index addresses that need to allow us to recognize, value, and improve the Investments we make to the liveability of our planet. It supports our efforts to improve our interactions with each other, with other life forms, with ecosystems, and with the human designed systems and organizations in our countries.