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Improving livability of Earth in times of polycrisis

We are living in an era where global lockdown due to the pandemic, the climate emergency, wars, and other "black-swan"events of ever increasing diversity and magnitude threaten economic and human well-being. These are but symptoms of the breakdown of interactions of people with each other, with other species, with ecosystems, and with organizations designed by people.

While we have been reporting the spread of the pandemic, carbon emissions,water shortages and scarcities, energy statistics, material statistics, and even wars - or the harm that we cause to our Earth - we do not report our interactions that protect and even enhances the liveability of our Earth. Nasdaq, DOW 30, S&P 500, Euronext 100, Nikkei 225, BSE Sensex, Hang Seng Index, Shenzhen Index, GDP, and HDI are some of the Indexes we use to report our Investments to economic or human well-being and progress. In the absence of reporting our Investments to the liveability of our Earth, we do not recognize them or act to increase them and fail to protect our investments and ensure our economic or human well-being.

While the short-term changes in Investments question the direction of our interactions, the medium and long-term offer hope that we are capable conversations to shape policy and culture that can shape our interactions to improve the liveability of our Earth.